I'm keeping my BMW X5 10 years, should I use a dealer for servicing?

We have just taken delivery of our new BMW X5 (GO5 model) 3.0-litre petrol MHT M Sport and intend keeping it for 10 years. Would it be best to have servicing etc done by BMW or a specialist who can enter online details with genuine parts being used to retain full warranty and possibly extended warranty?
You are correct, you can have the car serviced outside of the dealer network and maintain its manufacturer warranty. But the garage will need to service the car in accordance with BMW's service schedule and use approved parts and fluids (and show this on an itemised invoice).

If you do service the car outside of the BMW dealer network you will save money. But the car may miss out on important updates and software upgrades (which are usually applied by the dealer at the annual service). BMW UK and the dealer will also be less inclined to provide free assistance with any issues that may arise outside of the manufacturer warranty period, too.
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