Renault Twingo parked up for two years - will it have damaged the car?

My mother-in-law's Renault Twingo Play (2015 plate), with 5,000 miles on the clock, has sat in her garage for two years. It has only been used for 100 miles in this time due to a combination of old age and the pandemic. My son (her grandson) is thinking of buying it from her. Can you advise please whether by not being used this will have damaged the car? Many thanks for your advice, Kind regards, David Moss
Worth taking it to a garage for an inspection, they'll be able to highlight any concerns. I'd also recommend having the car serviced with new fluids and filters, and check the tyres haven't passed their useable life (guide on that, here: Pipes can perish and brake lines/discs can corrode, but a garage will spot these problems.
Answered by Russell Campbell on

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