Falsified service history on my Mercedes A-Class

I bought a Mercedes A-Class in February 2020 and the car was one year old. I was told it was fully serviced before picking it up but it turns out it wasn't. This was identified following a recall appointment for something to do with the air conditioning. After a lot of to-ing and fro-ing the garage admitted the car hadn't been serviced as I'd been told it had. The garage eventually did do the service, along with replacing a bald tyre and worn front and back wiper blades (which they let me drive out the showroom with at time of purchase). The plates beneath the car were also identified as broken BUT they did not fix this. This service was completed in January 2021, but I've now discovered that my service history shows one from November 2019 that didn't actually take place. Is there anything I can do?
I would say you should reject the car because it was mis-sold, but I doubt that's a possibility now you have had the work carried out retrospectively.

However, it is worth writing a letter to the service manager explaining all of the above and that it has left you with little to no faith in the dealer – could provide useful leverage to get the underside cladding fixed for free. In terms of the service discrepancy, a Mercedes dealer should be able to correct it.

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