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I purchased a new shape Vauxhall Corsa in December 2006 under a finance agreement. Two services have been carried out since and I had a free Visual Health Check carried out by the Vauxhall dealership it was bought from on 11 July 2009. They highlighted to me in that Visual Health Check that the "N/s/r tail light has wrong colour reverse on lens" (it has a red reverse light instead of white). They have told me that for this to be replaced it would cost me £92. I told them we hold a standard three-year guarantee but I was told that the problem is part of the "trim" and the trim only has a one-year guarantee. I telephoned the Vauxhall customer services line today and explained my problem. They told me that the PDI would need to be checked and whether the problem had been highlighted in that report. If it has not then they told there is little I can do as I would need to prove it was a factory fault and not a part I had replaced since purchasing the car. They asked why I had not noticed this before and I told them it was because I am driving the car, therefore inside and cannot see the light outside. Is there anything I can do? Now the problem has been highlighted to me I am anxious, as when I am reversing I do not want other people to think I am braking instead. I am also cross that it had not been picked up in the previous two services. Your advice would be very much appreciated.
Assuming all service work has been done by the dealer you bought the car from, his attitude stinks. It's barely worth suing him for £92 using the small claims track of the county court. But you would be bound to win because why on earth would you replace the entire rear light cluster? The car was obviously a misbuild and was like that from new.
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