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I have recently been widowed and my husband always used to check our car's "vital signs" as he termed it. My simple query is how often should I check the oil, brake fluid, etc. and also how often should I check tyre pressures? Also is a service once a year sufficient? The car is a 1998 Rover 200 with 35,000 miles on the clock, and my weekly mileage is around 40 - 50 miles. Your advice would be greatly appreciated.
With this car, check the oil and particularly check the coolant in the
header tank every week. If the coolant level in the header tank drops, DON'T DRIVE THE CAR. You have a gasket leak and since the K Series engine only has a small coolant capacity this can be disastrous. To cure the leak it needs a set of new 'O' ring gaskets between the cylinder head and the water-heated inlet manifold.
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