Yellow fervour

My 3-Series developed a fault and displayed a YELLOW warning light. The handbook advised me I could continue my journey, but at moderate speed, exercising due caution, and have the engine checked without delay. I did this and had the engine checked at an independent BMW Specialist who advised the engine was so badly damaged that it would be better to replace it. The vehicle is now being fitted with a replacement engine from an insurance write-off. The episode has cost almost £5,000. The car is less than 4 years old with barely 24,000miles on the clock. BMW does not dispute that the engine failure occurred because one or more components were defective, but will not contribute because an extended warranty (£480pa) was not in force, and the vehicle was taken outside its service network. Neither BMW UK nor the dealership that sold me the car has responded to the fact that the handbook led me to continue my journey. If the light had been RED the handbook instructs the driver to stop the car and switch off the engine. Have similar occurrences been reported? Please warn readers not to believe the words in the handbook. If a YELLOW Engine warning light appears, switch off immediately.
Carmakers rarely show out of warranty goodwill when a car has been taken out of their service networks. And it could be that in resetting the service indicator the independent did something that altered the emergency warning system. So hardly surprising the BMW turned down the claim. You would if you were BMW in these circumstances.
But fair warning that if a yellow or red engine lights come on you must stop, phone and wait for help.
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