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We own a small 1,100cc Hyundai i10 – and are very pleased with it. It has just had its first service (1 year old), but we have only covered about 4,500 miles in the first year. We will be travelling about the same mileage this year, so by the next service date we will have only covered the mileage recommended for the first service. The first service cost us about £120, but the second service will be about twice that amount. Is there any way we can save costs on service charges because of the low mileage we cover.
I had my FIAT 500 serviced after the first year and just 2,000 miles. It
needed it. I saw the state of the oil that came out. The cost was £107,
but included a full valet. So my advice is to keep the car properly serviced and keep it covered under its 5-year warranty.
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