Low maintenance strife

I had a 3-year Citroen maintenance contract, which expired 29th June 2009. The contract covered three years services, MoTs and anything apart from tyres not covered by vehicle warranty. It has paid for two services, plus MoT and front discs and pads. I have covered just under 30,000 miles. The problem is, they state this years service is not due until 17th July 2009, or 32,644 miles and both date and mileage will come after my contract ends. Are they within their rights, or is this sharp practice. I would be grateful of your help.
Yes. And that is the problem with these maintenance contracts. But I don't get this. If the contract is mileage based then you might have only got one service in the 3 years. But if it is a 3 year contract covering 3 annual services then you are entitled to a 3rd service. Did you have the first or second service done a couple of week's late, pushing the due date for the 3rd to July? If so, I'm afraid it's your fault.
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