I have owned a 1995N BMW 840CI for eight years. The car has a full BMW service history and I have no intention of selling it as I think it is a great car and although I have spent some considerable amount over the years (aircon being one big repair) it is without fault as far as I can make out. I only do 3,000 – 4,000 miles per year and never drive in towns or on frequent short journeys. In your experience is there any maintenance/servicing I should suggest to BMW or is my annual servicing enough? As you know the computer advises and my total mileage now is some 70,000. Just as a matter of interest what do you think it is worth?
Interesting car. The brake fluid needs checking for moisture content and probably changing every 2 years and it's worth changing the coolant as its corrosion inhibitors will have degraded long ago. Glass's gives a dealer retail price of £6,780, private sale price £6,260, which is higher than I thought. But 'disposal' price is only £2,770.
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