I've owned a Mondeo SCI 1.8 Ghia petrol since new in 2005, and always had it serviced at a franchised Ford dealer at the correct intervals. At the 50k service I was advised to replace the back brake pads in 2/3k miles. This was carried out at a local garage. No mention of any other problems. I have all the supporting paper work. The other day at 57.5k miles, I heard horrible metal on metal noises coming from the front of the car. Result new discs and pads plus big bill. Have I got a legit complaint against the Ford dealer?
No. Why? Your problem occurred 7,500 miles after the service. And at this mileage you would normally have needed new discs as well as pads anyway because ever since asbestos was replaced by metallic content in brake pads discs have been wearing items.
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