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Having bought nine new Vauxhalls since 1960, currently a 08 Vectra CDTI, I have always done my own maintenance, with much information obtained from the local Vauxhall franchise and a cursory check by Vauxhall service engineers afterwards to maintain the warranty, including latterly the Tech 2 readout (charged at a very reasonable hourly rate). With the arrival of a new assistant service manager this month, no help is forthcoming without full rates being paid. As a pensioner with over 50 years engineering experience, I object strongly to forking out on oil and filter changes, windscreen wash, coolant and brake fluid level checks, etc. He says that my Vauxhall warranty will be invalid unless I use their services. Is there a Haynes Manual for 2008 Vectras?
There is a Haynes manual for the 2002-2005 Vectra. The EC has Directed that a manufacturer warranty cannot be affected by a car being serviced outside the franchised dealer chain. But it must be serviced to the manufacturer stipulated schedule, using the specified fluids and parts. An independent garage cannot, for example, use its bulk oil and an aftermarket oil filter if these differ from the manufacturer specification. In the UK, the SMMT has secured agreement that this also covers the second year and third year of the warranty, even if these are described as "conditional dealer warranties". Further warranty, such as KIA's 5-year to 7-year warranty and Hyundai's 5-year warranty are contracts and depend on franchise dealer servicing from the start. As does Mercedes Benz 30 year Mobilo cover on some parts of the car. There are three other potential pitfalls for owners who service outside the franchises during the warranty period. An ordinary garage may not have the electronic equipment or software to carry out electronic parts of the service via the OBDII port, and may not even be able to reset the service indicator. An ordinary garage will not be aware of 'Technical Service Bulletins' issued by manufacturers to franchised dealers to carry out updates on the car during the course of a service. And a manufacturer will not be as sympathetic towards providing 'goodwill' once a car is out of warranty if it has not been serviced by its franchised dealers. Finally, independent servicing greatly reduces the part-exchange value of a car for the first 5 years or so. Many franchised dealers (particularly Audi dealers) will not buy in stock that has not been franchise maintained throughout its life.
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