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I took my 33,000 mile 2003 Rover 75 2.5 litre V6 in to my garage, which has serviced the car from new, for another annual service. I was advised that the 6-year service was a "big one" and that in addition they recommend a cambelt change at 6 years or 90,000 miles. The cost of the cambelt replacement would be £800 since it is a tricky job incorporating 3 belts. When I baulked at the price and told the manager that there was no mention of the need for a cambelt replacement at this or any other service he could not offer any explanation but did say that they have never had a cambelt failure on this model. I had the service done without the cambelt change thinking I would seek your opinion. I would expect the maintenance section of the handbook to make some mention of the need for a cambelt change if one was required. Should I have it changed now or at some other time in the future?
When there's a risk of a timing belt or its pulleys or its tensioner
failing, what am I going to tell you? Take the risk? Or replace the whole lot? I'm obviously not going to tell you to take the risk?
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