When should I change the cam belt on my Skoda Yeti diesel?

I bought a Skoda Yeti SE Greenline II TDI 1600cc diesel last year. It's due for a service now at 75,000 miles. In neither the manual nor the service booklet can I see when the timing belt should be replaced. The garage (that sold me the car) is due to pay for the first service and they say it doesn't need a new cam belt until 100,000 miles. Normally, I would expect it should be replaced at around 75,000 miles. Would you agree?
I've have heard a lot of cam belt related horror stories over the years - for most models of car, not just the Yeti. That's why I always urge caution when it comes to cam belts, tensioners and water pumps.

I recommend a change every 50,000-60,000 miles or five years (whichever comes first). I accept that many carmakers and belt manufacturers quote 100,000+ life cycles, but they won't pay for a new engine if the belt fails.
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