Do I need to service my car every year if it only covers low miles?

I have a 2016 Renault Twingo Dynamique S. It is serviced annually by the main dealer. The first year it did about 6000 miles but the last four years, it has only done just over 6000. It gets a 20 mile run at 80mph down the motorway once every three months. I don't like to skip services but am not sure it needs a full service doing just over 2000 miles a year? Should I ask the dealer to do a reduced service if so, what should I just ask them to do, an oil change with a full service every other year?
Service intervals are set up to catch this sort of thing. Every manufacturer has a different name for them, but your 'basic' service will include oil and filter. The next one up will include things like brake fluid - this should be changed regardless of how many miles you've done as the product has a finite life. Finally, you'll be looking at the next service level which will include a cambelt - again, this is over a period of mileage or years (because the produce deteriorates over time). If your concern is around cost, then look around for a reliable independent.
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