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I have a Volvo XC90 2.4 D5 SE 185, purchased in March 2006 and it has now done 74,000 miles. My mileage is largely motorway driving, no off road use, and I have always had it serviced at the Volvo dealer (Rybrooks in Chester) where I originally purchased the car. Until the service issue set down below, I had, in the main, been very pleased with the vehicle. My question relates to the last (72,000 mile) service, when I was informed I need some further work carrying out. This was as follows (costs include a discount from Volvo as set down below - the original cost would have been 40% higher): Throttle swirl arm to be replaced (cost £417.38) Power steering leak (cost £270.51) Engine oil leak (cost £1,200.00) Broken gearbox rod on lower engine mounting (cost £57.55) One of my original reasons for purchasing the car was to have a reliable and safe vehicle that would do a high mileage. I do a lot of driving and do not wish to replace my vehicles more than I have to. I bought it on the basis that with regular servicing it would do high mileage (my last two SAABs did over 250,000 miles combined over an eight year period).
No they aren't brilliant high mileage cars. They need things like injectors, timing belts, etc. The manifold swirl actuator job is very urgent because if it drops off and is ingested by the engine it will write off the engine. The police only keep their Volvos for 140 - 150k miles.
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