Slippery custom

This month was our Polo’s first service. On the receipt the long life SLX Oil was priced by the VW Garage in half litres at £6.90 each, they claim to have used 9 half litres, total £62.10 plus VAT. As we have had 2-litre VAG cars for the last 30 years we know the sumps take 3.5 litres plus a small amount for the new filter, and the garages use large drums and hoses to dispense the oil. As yet we have had no reply, but I had a similar case when my A4 was serviced, and when I raised it they offered 10% discount on the next service. The AUDI bills now read in units rather than litres. If you calculate that all VW Servicing outlets are using the same scam, or any other main agents do the same method of service pricing there is a lot of oil in cans in someone's garage.
Just don't go anywhere near them ever again. And tell all your friends.
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