When I purchased my 54 plate X-Trail 2 years ago I was concerned to read your report regarding turbo failure on the 2.2 DCi engine. Accordingly, when the 1 year Nissan Warranty expired I took out an independent warranty with Click4Warranty and paid the extra £10.50 to cover the turbo. Sure enough, at 27,000 miles, in spite of regular servicing, the turbo oil seals were leaking and so I claimed on the warranty and without any fuss the turbo was removed, rebuilt by a specialist, and the car now runs better than ever. So the purpose of this email is simply to say thank you for the advice and by the way I have now extended the warranty for a further 3 years as I like the car and have no desire to change it.
Many thanks. Have you been told about idling red-hot turbos before switching off? You need to do this after motorway driving (such as pulling in for fuel), after long ascents and after towing in order to circulate oil through the turbo's bearing while it spools down as is still red hot. That said, Nissan has now acknowledged a fault with these turbos and is replacing then FOC on Nissan maintained X-Trails not too far out of warranty.
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