Can a car sitting around stationary cause the air con to break?

My 2018 Audi SQ7 is now on 28,000 miles. It has no air conditioning. When I start it, the light on the A/C button is initially on but goes out a few seconds later. After much chagrin in trying to get Audi to look at it, which is still pending, they have said that the car should have had a "recommended" air conditioning service at two years.It was serviced in May 2019 and next service not showing as due yet. I have had no call to say that it needs the air con service, or even one being recommended, and have had service and MoT reminders already. This smacks that they may be trying to get out of a warranty claim. Do you agree? Should an air conditioning service be carried out? In terms of the car being moved, it is currently driven around 100 miles in one journey every two weeks, with an additional 250 mile journey every six or so weeks. Would this have broken the air con with the car sitting around? Thanks in advance.
Most air conditioning problems in cars are caused by lack of use, usually because the driver has switched the system off during the winter/colder months. Air con systems in cars are not designed to be used in this way. They should be switched on 100% of the time, otherwise the joints dry out and allow the refrigerant gas to escape. In the worst cases (if the air con has been switched off for a very long time) the compressor will seize and fail.
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