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I’ve just seen your comments in Sunday's paper about 2 year service intervals and related engine failures. I bought my Polo new in July 2006 and when it was a year old (following your advice of course) I took it into Inchcape, Bridgnorth and asked them to do an oil and filter change. Their reply was along the lines of "Certainly sir, lots of our customers prefer an annual oil and filter change. We will also adjust the onboard computer so that it asks for a service every 12 months.” In addition they filled the engine with "normal" oil - not the long life stuff. At the last service they charged me for a sump plug washer, so they are also draining the oil properly. This all seems like common sense to me. Thanks for your help and advice. I ran the engine in according to your advice and after 33,000 miles have just had to add half a pint of oil. The first top up ever.
You've found a dealer who supports a good, honest service manager. Enough for the Good Garage Guide. Many thanks.
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