Should I have an engine flush at every service?

I have just had a reminder for my Corsa 1.4T third year service and MoT from the dealership. It came with recommended TLC like bacterial cleanse at £24.95, brake fluid change at £49.95 and engine flush & fuel treatment at £23.45. Now this is quite an extra cost over £98 if you take all of them on top of the service and MoT it will need. I had the engine flush/fuel treatment and brake fluid done last service as I was unsure about its history and you supported the flush idea, but is it necessary to have all this done every year? In the past I thought brake fluid was every five years if necessary, is the modern day stuff so poor today? What do you think about these modern day added extras to a service?
There's some debate around whether an engine flush is a good idea but the general consensus is, if you have it done, it's worth doing it with every oil change. For the sake of £23.45 it's probably a good idea. Otherwise, I'd suggest that every two years would be more than enough for a brake fluid change and bacterial cleanse.
Answered by Andrew Brady on

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