DB7 Year Switch

I recently purchased a very nice Aston Martin DB7. It was my wish to then have the car thoroughly serviced and Waxoyled as required, and this was undertaken by a specialist I know. During his work he found one Radius Arm holed on the upper surface offside, (which can't be seen from below) and the nearside one severely holed on the outer side, which can be clearly seen and accessed for testing as required. It’s the Specialist’s view that this car - with the failed radius arm - should never have been issued with a full 12 month MoT as provided by the selling retailer. In the specialist’s view, given the capabilities of the car, it was potentially dangerous. I have photographs of both units. How should I proceed? Advise the selling dealer and seek all monies toward the cost (£600 odd including removal/refitting) ask for just the cost of the units (£490). Or just contact VOSA directly?
Advise the selling dealer and demand that he either has the parts
replaced, or pays for you to have them replaced or takes the car back and gives you your money back. Get a specialist solicitor involved. Yes, definitely also inform VOSA, otherwise this will happen again to
someone else, and if VOSA gets involved it will strengthen your case against the selling dealer. If VOSA proves to be ineffective, please tell me, because I am currently compiling a list of VOSA failings.
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