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Recently, I had my 2000 Land Cruiser serviced by a small, independent garage with a good reputation. Following the service I was chatting with the mechanic who carried out the service. I mentioned that the car was coming up for an MoT and asked if he saw anything obvious that might cause a problem. He indicated that the car looked very good. Today I took the car for an MoT to a garage I'd never used before, but convenient to where I am staying temporarily. The garage failed the car on six points including a fractured anti roll bar linkage, uneven front brake application and excessive corrosion on both front brake pipes. Can you tell me, if I take the car for another MoT at another garage, without having any of this work done will a) I have to advise the garage that the car has already failed or b) will the second garage have any access to a VOSA data base showing that the car has failed. If, by any chance the car passes on the second test, what, if anything should I do?
It's all computerised now so the failures will be centrally recorded. However the system cannot record whether or not a failed item has been repaired between the two tests. So, though his attention could be drawn to the failure points, the second MoT tester could pass it. If he does, I still think you should attend to the items that failed before they kill you or someone else.
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