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A local Nissan dealer has provided me with excellent service over the last four years with my current vehicle. He has recently imported a number of Nissan Tiida hatchbacks and saloons from the Republic of Ireland. The Euro list price in Ireland equates to around £17,000 and the Tiidas are being sold as pre-registered vehicles with delivery mileage for around £10,000. Even allowing for the weakness of Sterling pound against the Euro, this appears to be a very good deal. I am very tempted because of good experience with the dealer and because I like the car; however, I have worries because the Tiida is not a UK market car. What are your thoughts?
The Euro price in Ireland is completely irrelevant. Ireland has much higher registration taxes as well as higher VAT. Tiidas are basically Nissan Notes, built for the SE Asian market and are less practical than Notes. Far better to buy a UK built Note at a discount for the same sort of money. More on Tiidas at:
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