Disc fever

After its last service at our local Honda dealer, my wife was told her November 2004 Jazz (37,000 miles) needed new rear pads and discs, pads through wear (ok) but discs because they were suffering from hardening and corrosion round the face edge. They said new pads would not bed in on existing discs, which could have an adverse effect on braking and handbrake performance. Is Honda trying it on? They did not fit them at the service because they did not have discs in stock but said the pads were ok for another 2,000 miles and quoted £210 for the work.
No. Absolutely normal for surface rust to eat into rear discs after a few years. Discs are bare metal so rust all the time. Surface corrosion is cleaned off by braking. But 95% of a cars' braking and 100% of a gently driven car's braking is at the front so the rear pads rarely touch the discs to clean the corrosion off. £210 is a fair price.
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