Do I need to get my DPF cleaned when I service my car?

I had a DPF clean, sensor change, timing belt and service done at 86,000 miles on my 2012 Mazda 6. It had returned to the garage with the DPF light on at 98000 and for a service. However, I was told the timing chain is damaged as I did not get it serviced at 6000 miles and diesel got in the sump. Is this really the case as it will be another £1000 job in eight months. Why is more not done to warn people?
The reason for this was that the DPF was not actively regenerating properly and the reason for that was most likely that is is full of ash. A forced regen by the dealer can get rid of the soot but, by 80,000 miles, most DPFs are starting to fill up with ash and that prevents them from actively regenerating properly with the result that post-injected diesel to fire off the regen sinks into the sump. You either need a new DPF or need it to be chemically cleaned of ash by Ceramex.
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