How much does it cost to have a lambda sensor replaced?

I recently had an engine fault light come on. I took the car to my local garage and they ran a diagnostic - it came up with a rear lambda sensor fault. They cleared the code and told me that it would be between £65 to £95 to fix. I was due a service and MoT anyway so booked car in for both. The garage rang within an hour and told me the lambda sensor needed replacing at a cost of £540. I have looked online for these parts and they cost roughly £30 to £50 each. Now I know I'm a woman but can you possibly tell me if the garage may be correct or am I being ripped off?
It depends on a lot of factors. The lambda sensors are screwed into the exhaust system and can become fused or rusted in place which then requires a new section of exhaust. So ask the garage to be clearer about what you are getting for your £540.

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