My car is serviced by friend rather than a dealer - does this make a difference to the warranty?

My Mazda 6 turbo has failed. My local dealer says that Mazda is aware of this problem and will offer a goodwill gesture of £1000 towards the cost of a new turbo. Problem is that my car is serviced by a friend who is a retired mechanic and I have no invoices for servicing. All required work is carried out but just not by the dealer. Is it imperative that I provide such invoices when the problem has been previously recognised in the part? Or are Mazda trying to fob me off to see if I simply go away? My car has 71k miles at the moment.
If you cannot prove that the car was serviced to Mazda standards using the correct parts and fluids then Mazda can void the warranty. This issue is usually caused by switching off the engine when the turbo is too hot, causing the oil in the turbo bearing oil feed and oil return pipes to carbonise, partially blocking the pipes and cutting off the oil supply to the turbo bearing. It is imperative that these pipes are replaced or the new turbo might not last 1000 miles.
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