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"Stay away!"

By Antonia Omirou, 14 April 2019

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Since the car was bought, March 2016, we have had the worst service from this company. They never returned our calls, not once after the sale. The reason that we will now take legal action is the dealership failing to fulfil a claim through their much advertised small repairs plan. We had been trying to talk to someone to the dealership since the beginning of the year. When we finally decided to call the insurance company instead, we found out what the procedure is and followed it to make the claim. We were meant to be contacted by the dealership to book an appointment within 5 days. We waited for a couple of weeks and then called the insurance company to complain. We then received an email for an appointment on a random day, I believe it was the day after! It took many phone calls to the insurance and the dealership to finally get them to book an appointment. We took the car in on the previous day. On the day of the appointment, we tried calling the dealership before driving to Canterbury to pick up the car. My partner tried about 10 times, and finally got to talk to the woman at the reception. He explained that we are driving for an hour to go to the dealership and wanted to know if the car was ready. She was meant to call back. She didn't. We called again in 20 minutes and had the same conversation, she said she was going to call back but she didn't. So we decided to go pick up our car and consult a lawyer. On arrival at the dealership, the blonde woman at the reception offered us the keys to another car because she thought that was the car we had been calling for! Despite being given the reg numbers! We marched at the garage reception where we met yet another rude person. A woman was sat at the computer. She didn't bother to acknowledge us much, was too busy playing on her pc. We started telling her about the car and that we tried reaching them and left messages with the reception. She replied "oh yes I saw the message, I dont know, Tom should", laughed and carried on playing with her pc. That person Tom showed up, hands in his pockets at all times. His replies included "oh well the car is not ready". We asked why and he said, "the guy just didn't show up". We said we have been trying to call and told him off that he should be the one calling us to let us know. At first, he said he didn't have a number to call us, then when we protested he noticed that there was a number written on the keyring that he had written down. He read it out and was the wrong number so he said: "see I had the wrong number". He didn't try calling anyway though. We asked what is going to happen next and Tom said well you have to rebook it. We explained that we live an hour away, both working and he replied: "not my problem". I said, "well you are getting sued then". He replied, "see if I care, it won't come out of my pocket". We asked to speak to the dealership manager. Tom said, "I am the dealership manager and you can do nothing about it". We asked for information about the head offices and Tom said there are no head offices. He rudely asked, "And where are you from?". I went to the reception to ask the blond woman seated there about the contact details of the head offices to submit my complaint and she said "I don't know if we have head offices. I don't have any contact details. Let me get the manager". She went in and said she spoke to the manager and he would see us shortly. When I said that Tom said he is the dealership manager she laughed. (I can only assume to does it often, to impersonate the actual manager). After a few minutes, Chris came to meet us. We had a chat, reported everything to him and agreed that the car would be picked up, fixed and dropped off at our home, since the garage is not capable of booking an appointment. On the next day, we spoke to the insurance company to complain about the incident. They confirmed that they were NOT involved in booking the appointment, the person to make the repairs was NOT booked through them, and that the dealership had lied to us!

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