The MoT Files: Top 20 cars for passing the MoT

These are the UK’s top 20 cars for passing the MoT. The overall trend is - unsurprisingly - that newer cars have a better chance of passing the test. Furthermore it tends to be the more expensive, luxury and performance cars that have the highest pass rates. 

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The data is taken from MoT tests which were conducted in 2016. We're also only listing models of which more than 5000 were tested in the year-long period our data covers, which means super-exotic cars are omitted.

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Mazda CX-5 - 89.2% pass rate

It may not be the most exciting of crossovers, but the CX-5 is an easy to live with family car that's comfortable and affordable to run. Launched in 2012, close to 8000 were tested in 2016 - many of those being the first MoT - with the top reason for failure being tyres.

Click here to see the Mazda CX-5's MoT File

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