The MoT Files: The first MoT - bottom 10 cars

There are plenty of arguments for and against extending the timescale of the first MoT from three to four years. While the Department for Transport says modern vehicles are more resilient to wear and tear - which is true to an extent, the fact is that one in six still fail their first MoT.

This number would only increase with if vehicles weren't tested for a further 12 months and we could see more unroadworthy cars on our highways. Here are the 10 worst performers when it comes to passing their first MoT.

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Renault Megane - 74.5% pass rate

While French manufacturers have worked on their collective reliability in recent years - and it's certainly improving - the fact remains that the three worst cars for passing their first MoT in 2016 are French. The Megane tends to fail on problems with suspension, drive shafts and CV joints.

Click here to see the Renault Megane's MoT Files

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