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You can't pay to feature on The Good Garage Guide 

We only ever create profiles for garages that our readers have told us do an outstanding job and do it consistently. If your garage has been recommended by one of your customers we will automatically create a Basic Member Profile for you on our website. You can upgrade this to enhance the appearance and functionality of your profile by becoming a Good Garage Guide Enhanced Member.

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What does an Enhanced Member's Profile cost and why should I have one? 

Our Enhanced Member's profile is £150 for the whole year and ideal for those businesses that want to enable all the features in their profile and make it as easy as possible for the readers of The Good Garage Guide researching in your local area to contact them. 

Your garage’s profile is a powerful digital marketing tool because your customers regularly visit it before they make an enquiry and we are very easy to find in Google. Satisfied customers come back to your profile to tell us how you did. Our enhanced member’s profiles make the best first impression and make it as easy as possible for your customers to get in touch, stay in touch and recommend you.  

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Promoting Your Business On The Good Garage Guide

Alongside our Member's plan there are a range of opportunities to promote your business not just on The Good Garage Guide but on site wide. These are explained in the tables below: 

Enhanced Member Profile: £150 per year 

 Members Profile


1. About Us Feature

This is a150 Word profile feature to describe your business's key strengths.

2. Integrated email enquiry form

To make it as easy as possible for our readers to get in touch.

3. A link to your website

4. Social media icons

To encourage user's who are already in the mindset to leave positive feedback about you to "Like", "Follow" and Review you on social media too.

5. A featured Review

You get to choose which of your Reviews represents you best and fix it to the top of your profile.





Ad Plan: £300 per year

This plan is ideal for businesses that have ambition to drive as much traffic to their profile as possible using the might of our parent website at it's 3 Million visitors a month. This plan is big on value with a significant number of locally targeted traffic driver adverts. They work! 


1. Sponsorship of one ad slot in your region 

This maximises your local reach creating a steady flow of visits and enquiries throughout the year.

 These adverts will also be made available for you to use on your own website at no extra cost.

2. Easier customer contact

With this price plan, your company will benefit from the full functionality of our enhanced member's profiles: About Us feature, enquiry form, web and social links. 

We will provide a unique caller ID so we can provide transparent reporting on your profile’s performance throughout the year.

Price Plan Summary 










Build Your Reputation/Collect Reviews


Member's Profile Page


Point Of Sale Material


Company Picture/Logo


Increase Leads


Integrated Enquiry Form


Geo Targeted Traffic Drivers


Reader Recommends adverts for your website


Call & Email tracking


Transparent Reporting


Premium Position 1st Sponsored Result


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